Crystal Clear have been in the water purification business since 2003 focused on providing chemical free systems for Municipal, Mining, Industry and Domestic requirements. We help our clients save water and increase their ability to recycle water from all water sources.

Crystal Clear Services

Assessment and improvement of water management and purification systems
Design and implementation of water purification systems using reliable technologies and methods that use no chemicals
Protection of water resources and mitigation of chemical, biological and diesel spills

Our customers say it all: “Nanokleen® water is the closest to highland water I’ve ever experienced” “Coffee made with Nanokleen® water is- superior to what comes out of a municipal tap” “Great for purifying borehole and river water!” “We fixed a huge diesel spill with the help of Crystal Clear without using chemicals”

Crystal Clear Brands

Crystal Clear Technology Suppliers

Fine-Bubble Wastewater Aeration Solution

Water disinfection & pastureization with UV light

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